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Saturday, July 21st 2012

12:16 AM

Sex fuck preteen


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From: Chase Li
Subject: Crushing on Trevor (Part 2)Thanks for electing to read my story. It's been a while since I've gotten
behind the keyboard and drummed up a story like this. This story contains
sex between consenting youths. If you're offended by this sort of thing,
I'm not sure why you're here... Leave and go cry elsewhere. For those who
enjoyed this, I welcome your feedback!This story is written from the prospective of a six year old boy inspired
by real people (not necessarily events). None of the events actually
happened (as far as I know!). preteens models little Any coincidence is just that, a coincidence.
Again, if this sort of literary work offends you, then leave now. Enjoy!*****
Crushing on Trevor Part young xxx preteens
*****We're flicking our tongues together. He is soooo cute and he smiles at me
while we do it! Trevor sucked my tongue before giving me a peck on my
cheek awww... He lay down latina preteen porn next to me and nodded his head to his sweaty wet
boxers. I can see his white stuff preteen moovie is already coming preteen fist sex
out `cause it's wet in
the front. I rubbed his nice warm body a little bit first before moving my
hand down to his undies. His thingy cumshot preteens looks really big inside his boxers, I
can't wait to hot schoolgirl preteen take it out! My heart is racing again cause only Trevor
loves me this way and it's our loving secret. I sat between his spread
open legs with his knees in the air. He whispers to me, "outside first
baby". I know what that is!! I reach for and rub his teen boy balls. I
sure hope mine gets like his when I become a teenager. My thumb moves down
to his butt hole and rubs it a little. He likes it I knew it! `Cause I
like it a lot when he does it to me. Now I want to see it. I rub down his
spread open legs; they have some hair on them but not a lot. I kneel
between them now smiling at him, my thing getting hard again. He's super
cute oh my gosh... He's looking at me biting his lip and rubbing his
thingy a little. I start kissing his knees and then slowly down to his
feet. I love this smell so much. It's not that bad, smells like his sweet
sweat. I kiss up his legs again to his knees, then his thy. My hand moves
inside his boxers from his leg hole; his legs spread wider apart. I'm glad
he likes it! I was scared he would hate me for doing that at first. I
feel his sweat in between his legs and some hair from his privates. "Do it
baby, it's ok unless you don't wanna" he tells me. My fingers slip over
his balls and rub them a little, it feels so hot preteen incest links and warm. So big compared
to my small ones. He closes his eyes and moans, I just want to kiss him
some more and play with them. My hand hardcore preteen photos moves up and over his big boner. He
whispers "touch my dick baby." "Your boner?" I giggle back. "That's right
honey, only your hands can make my dick hard like that." My emotion took
over, I started crying and lunged in to kiss him wrapping my hands around
his neck, my naked crotch on his boxers. Our kissing was beautiful. He
wiped the tears from my eyes and licked my neck, sucking it softly. I look
into his eyes as I slide down. Both my hands hooked into his boxers. I
slide them down as his knees relax. Over his boner, past his knees, down
his legs, then off his ankles. My eyes still fixed on his. His body is
nice, some hair above his boner and some on his balls. I love looking at
him this way.He spreads his legs open again moving his knees to his chest. He brings my
right index finger to his mouth and starts to suck it hard. My thingy is
super big now! "Inside me baby!" My wet finger moves down ranchi preteens bbs his body, over
his balls and to his butt hole. He starts playing with his boner while I
try to poke his butt hole. I press in lightly, I sure don't wanna hurt
him. He winces as young xxx preteens he feels my finger enter. I poke a little harder and it
slides in easily. "Keep doing it baby, poke it in and out slowly." He
kisses my shoulders and pulls me up closer, my hand preteen kid pussy
still reaching down to
poke him. "Rub it a preteen uk pics little and use two fingers." I do as he asks, my hand
rubs his teen butt crack up and down while we kiss some more, our eyes on
each other. My two fingers enter him while we kiss, he bites me lip. I
work my fingers in and out of him. He lets go of our kiss and lowers my
head down. I lick his nipples first, then his nice stomach muscles. I
kiss his belly button, then lower, lower, his hair tickles my nose. I see
some white stuff already coming out of his boner. My head lay on his
stomach while I lick the top first, my fingers going a preteens models little
little faster now
inside his hot butt hole. My other hand rubs over his nipples a little
before he grabs them and sucks on my fingers a bit. It makes my thing get
crazy big! He puts my wet fingers back on his nipples and rubs his hands
in my long hair. I lick his boner top like a kitty. "Here baby, suck it a
little." My eyes are closed; I turn around kneeling over him with my two
fingers in his butt still. He gently puts his thingy into my mouth. I
love this so much, it tastes sweat and salty. His soft boner head slides
in and out, in and out like my fingers inside his butt. I tried to put as
much as I could inside my mouth but he's too big! Trevor likes it! Lick
and suck, lick and suck, fingers inside his butt in preteens models little
and out. Trevor's body
is enjoying me doing this! My mouth moves over to his balls and sucks each
of them a little. He has some hair on top which is cool! Mine are so
hairless and Trevor likes it yay! Trevor giggles "You making the white
stuff come faster!" I can smell his sweat and it's making me crazy. My
little boner is getting bigger from all this.My mouth ate at his balls like it was candy. It is better than candy to
me! Mommy and daddy don't let me eat candy but Trevor lets me some times
when we are out. I like making him happy cause I love him so much. His
butt muscles are squeezing my fingers now and he's breathing funny. I see
his hand jerking his big thingy while I eat his balls. His eyes just
opened wide! I think it's happening oh boy! He flips me on my back and I
shuffle to put my head on the pillow. "Three baby three!! Now use
three!!" I forced another finger inside him and it was super tight. I
kept pushing up and down while he knelt over my body. He was jerking his
boner hard. The white stuff is coming! "OHHHH UGGG OHHHH OHH MMMMM
UGGG!!! NIIIICKY!!!" His butt hole squeezed hard on my fingers. His big
boner shot out his hot teen white stuff over my pillow, chin, chest, and
hair. He and I were breathing so hard as he rested over me. My fingers
clinched inside his butt still. He let them go as I brought them around
his body. He reached down and preteen incest links wiped the mess from my hair and kissed me
hard. I poked my boner into him while we hugged and kissed. His white
stuff was all over the place and smelled soooo good. He licked some of it
off my chin. I kissed him again and could taste some of it in his mouth.
"You like my cum babe?" I do, I love it Trevor. Your spermies on me, in
my hair, on my lips. Anything you do to me is good and I love you. "I
love it Trevor, I love you, please don't ever go away from me?"He looked at me and licked at my neck while I rub his messy hair. He
rubbed the sperms on my chest between his fingers and moved them down to preteen gyno
hard little boner. nn preteen nudies It felt nice and wet. I think this is how a teen boy
feels after he makes sperm and has a orgasm. He took more and rubbed it up
and over my boner top and over my balls. "Trevor I like this when you do
this." He pecked my lips and climbed over my chest. His thingy was soft
and wet laying on my chest. What is he doing? We never did this before
but I'm excited!! He's rubbing me up and down, my butt is clinching the
sheets. He put more of his sperms on my boner. "Relax Nicky, close your
eyes ok?" He lowered himself on me. He guided my small boner to his butt
hole! "Uhhhgg... mmmm Trevor it tickles" I whispered. I was inside his
butt now while he moved up and down. His butt hole was nice and warm and a
little squishy from his sperms. He put my hands on his chest and waist. I
rubbed his body and felt his muscles all over. I wonder if we could do
this when we go on vacation together preteen erotic storeis
next month? My hips started to move
too. Trevor whispered, "Fuck me harder Nicky, I love UGGG this." He
swears sometimes but I don't cause my parents will scold me. But I do it
only around Trevor when we play hehe! "I am doing fucking with you?"
Trevor giggled, "Yeah Nicky baby, you are good at it. Keep UGG on" I like
this too! He leaned back with his hands on the russian preteens naturists bed. His butt hole is
squeezing my thing and moving back and forth. I can see his boner is big
and long again! I reach for his hip and pull him up closer to me. I sink
farther into him. I sit up and push in harder. I feel the funny feeling
coming soon. "Treeevorrrr mmmmmm" I so feel it. "You alright Nicky?" He
knows it's happening soon. He pushes me down and works his hole up and
down over my dickie. "Fuck it Nick, make me UGG shoot more white stuff for
you." I grab his hip with both hands and pound as hard as I can. His butt
hole is making my orgasm come! "AYEEE TREEEEVOR!!!!" He grabs his boner
and jerks it over me while I fuck him. "Ohhhhhh UGGG!!" he cries out. My
head nails the pillow over and over as my boner orgasms inside his butt.
His creamy spermies shoot out again over me. My spit is leaking out of my
mouth and down my chin. Trevor slowly gets up and lies down next to me,
rubbing his sperms all over my body. I cry a little and am happy he loves
me this much.He pecks me on the mouth again while we rest. He looks over at the clock
and back at me. Trevor holds me in his arms and lifts me off the bed....TO BE CONTINUEDLet me know what you think. Should I continue to part three? Your
feedback is welcome.

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Saturday, July 21st 2012

12:00 AM

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